Three horse race

Firstly apologies for lack of updates since our post of 1 July 2015. We are attempting to fill in the gaps and bring the site up to date. For now, the details of the current competition are published – click on the 2017-2018 tab above – and the previous seasons will be added. We are currently working on 2015-2016, but have a data problem to overcome.

In the meantime, the 2017-2018 competition is under way. Insurance have finished their programme empty handed, having lost heavily to their three opponents. Banks are in pole position with 2/2, Legal and Commercial each have 1 point, but Legal have two matches in hand, Commercial one. The issue is completely open with the possibility that Banks, Commercial and Legal could all finish on 2/3, when Game Points will decide.

It is worth noting that the Rules on this site need updating.


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Legal return

Silver KnightHaving allowed Banks to study the trophy first hand for a season, Legal conducted a faultless campaign to regain the Silver Knight, appropriately completing their trio of fixtures by beating Banks 7-5 in the last match.

Congratulations to Steven Coles and the Legal squad; an impressive performance.

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Rules under review

Steven Coles’ report of the Commercial v Legal match highlights a ‘mobile phone’ incident. As the rules stand, this type of occurrence is dealt with in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess, which dictate an instant loss. It is now customary in English league competitions to vary the Laws of Chess by stipulating a ‘yellow card’ for a first offence, with only the draconian loss of the game applied for a second offence by the same player.

Unfortunately, the Bronowski Rules have not been updated for some time and this aspect is one which is in need of revision. The Bronowski Committee is undertaking a review of the Rules, including revision of the ‘mobile phone’ rule, the updates to be made in time for next season’s competition.

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Legal have the upper hand

Legal defeated Commercial in a close encounter on 29 April. Insurance countered by producing their strongest team of the competition, likewise against Commercial, then Insurance men winning 7-5 in a match of 10 draws.

Although Insurance still head the table, on Game Points, Legal have a game in hand and, having defeated Insurance in their individual encounter, have the tie-break advantage. Legal need only acquire 5 Game Points against Banks – in play as we write – to secure the Silver Knight on tie-break. However, we suspect Legal will be aiming a bit higher than that.

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Keeping up the good work…

…we have already posted last night’s two matches.

Legal beat Insurance 7½-4½ and Commercial beat Banks 7-5. Three teams on one point, with Insurance leading on game points, having played one more match than Legal and Commercial; Banks yet to score.

We have added the tournament cross table and player stats – both team-by-team and in aggregate. In the player stats pages, note that the grading performance figure only appears for three or more games.

Match Details | Team Stats | Aggregate Stats

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Where there’s movement, there’s life

After remaining static for  year or so, the Bronowski Trophy website stirs again.

With apologies for the prior lack of action, we have now managed to post the first result of the 2014-15 season: Banks 4½-7½ Insurance. Click on the 2014-2015 tab for the details. It’s a start. When we have collated the fixtures list, that will appear too. Dave Chambers was collection the NCR copies of players’ score sheets, so we may be able to provide the games for this match too.

The observant among you will note that there is no 2012-13 page – the result of the hiatus in website updating. We have an honest intention to publish the missing data in due course.

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Legal post first success

The 2011-12 Competition has been blighted by the non-completion of two of the fixtures. While trying to be fair, it is inescapable that the culpability for these dates not being arranged lies at Commercial’s door; both the Banks and Insurance captains made  numerous efforts to get a date, without response.

As a result, the Controller has decided to exclude from the competition the one match that Commercial did play, Legal 9½-2½ Commercial. The irony is, that whereas Banks and Legal could not elicit a response from Commercial, Legal managed two dates, the first having been postponed and a new date found. If it seems hard on Legal then to exclude the result achieved, it is equally hard on Banks, who were denied  the chance to challenge Legal’s slender lead. In fact, neither of the other options (declaring the other two Commercial fixtures as having been “defaulted”, or declaring them null) would have changed the outcome or the placings of the teams; it is unsatisfactory from every angle.

The games from the Legal-Commercial match were submitted for grading and are given in full on the 2011-12 results page; it is only the result that is excluded from the final table.

The outcome of the competition,  therefore, is that Legal and Banks each have 1½ Match Points, having drawn their individual encounter, and the tie-break decider, Game Points, sees Legal with the slenderest lead of 14 to Banks’ 13½. Legal are therefore the 2011-12 Bronowski Champions.

Having entered the competition in 1996-97,  Legal’s first success has been a long time coming! While Legal have undoubtedly had the potential for such a result, they have rarely been able to field representative teams. Congratulations then, to Steven Coles and his squad on getting their act together and putting a new name on the trophy!

We still have administrative problems, however, which need to be addressed, but at least the 2012-13 Competition is under way and all fixtures are agreed – one even having been played Legal 9-3 Insurance – and the website will be updated shortly with the new Season details.

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