Articles of Constitution

1     The Competition shall be known as “The Bronowski Trophy Competition” (sub-title the “London Business Chess Inter-League Championship”) hereinafter called “the Competition”.

2     The objects of the Competition shall be to foster and encourage the playing of chess in the London business environment by the organisation of a league competition.

3     The members of the Competition (“participating teams”) shall be:–

  • The Central London Legal Chess League
  • The Civil Service Chess Association
  • The Insurance Chess Club
  • The London Commercial Chess League
  • The United Banks

4     The management of the Competition shall be vested in a Committee comprising the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Tournament Controller (“the officers”) and one representative of each participating team.

5     The Competition shall be registered with the ECF’s Game Fee scheme and the appropriate dues paid.  Results shall be submitted to the ECF by the Tournament Controller for grading.

6     An annual entry fee (intended to cover inter alia Competition administration expenses and the ECF Game Fee charge) of an amount to be decided from time to time by the Committee shall be payable by each participating team prior to 1st October each season.

7     An annual meeting of the Committee shall be held during May each year or as soon after the end of the season’s competition as practicable. Additional meetings may be called at any time by the Secretary or by written request to the Secretary signed by two participating teams specifying the reason for the meeting.

A minimum of two weeks’ notice shall be given to all Committee members of all meetings, specifying the business to be considered.  At all meetings of the Committee the quorum shall be three team representatives plus one officer. Meetings of the Committee shall be chaired by the Chairman or, in his absence by another of the officers.  Voting rights shall be one vote per participating team.  The officers shall not have a vote at Committee meetings save that the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

Should a meeting, duly called, be inquorate, the meeting shall be deemed adjourned to a subsequent date, time and place to be notified as provided above. Resumption shall be deemed quorate as long as a minimum of two voting members attend.

8     The business of the annual meeting shall be:

– to present the trophy

– to receive the accounts

– to elect the officers

– to appoint an independent Arbiter for referral of quickplay finish appeals

– to set the entry fee for the following season

– to consider amendments to the Constitution and Competition Rules as necessary

– to consider any other matter concerning the competition.

9     These Articles of Constitution shall only be changed by a majority vote at a meeting of the Committee.  Advance notice in writing to the Secretary must be given of any proposed changes.

Adopted 17th July,1997

Amended, Organising Committee, 16 June 2001

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