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Rules under review

Steven Coles’ report of the Commercial v Legal match highlights a ‘mobile phone’ incident. As the rules stand, this type of occurrence is dealt with in accordance with the FIDE Laws of Chess, which dictate an instant loss. It is now customary in English league competitions to vary the Laws of Chess by stipulating a ‘yellow card’ for a first offence, with only the draconian loss of the game applied for a second offence by the same player.

Unfortunately, the Bronowski Rules have not been updated for some time and this aspect is one which is in need of revision. The Bronowski Committee is undertaking a review of the Rules, including revision of the ‘mobile phone’ rule, the updates to be made in time for next season’s competition.


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Legal have the upper hand

Legal defeated Commercial in a close encounter on 29 April. Insurance countered by producing their strongest team of the competition, likewise against Commercial, then Insurance men winning 7-5 in a match of 10 draws.

Although Insurance still head the table, on Game Points, Legal have a game in hand and, having defeated Insurance in their individual encounter, have the tie-break advantage. Legal need only acquire 5 Game Points against Banks – in play as we write – to secure the Silver Knight on tie-break. However, we suspect Legal will be aiming a bit higher than that.

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