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Keeping up the good work…

…we have already posted last night’s two matches.

Legal beat Insurance 7½-4½ and Commercial beat Banks 7-5. Three teams on one point, with Insurance leading on game points, having played one more match than Legal and Commercial; Banks yet to score.

We have added the tournament cross table and player stats – both team-by-team and in aggregate. In the player stats pages, note that the grading performance figure only appears for three or more games.

Match Details | Team Stats | Aggregate Stats


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Where there’s movement, there’s life

After remaining static for  year or so, the Bronowski Trophy website stirs again.

With apologies for the prior lack of action, we have now managed to post the first result of the 2014-15 season: Banks 4½-7½ Insurance. Click on the 2014-2015 tab for the details. It’s a start. When we have collated the fixtures list, that will appear too. Dave Chambers was collection the NCR copies of players’ score sheets, so we may be able to provide the games for this match too.

The observant among you will note that there is no 2012-13 page – the result of the hiatus in website updating. We have an honest intention to publish the missing data in due course.

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