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Legal post first success

The 2011-12 Competition has been blighted by the non-completion of two of the fixtures. While trying to be fair, it is inescapable that the culpability for these dates not being arranged lies at Commercial’s door; both the Banks and Insurance captains made  numerous efforts to get a date, without response.

As a result, the Controller has decided to exclude from the competition the one match that Commercial did play, Legal 9½-2½ Commercial. The irony is, that whereas Banks and Legal could not elicit a response from Commercial, Legal managed two dates, the first having been postponed and a new date found. If it seems hard on Legal then to exclude the result achieved, it is equally hard on Banks, who were denied  the chance to challenge Legal’s slender lead. In fact, neither of the other options (declaring the other two Commercial fixtures as having been “defaulted”, or declaring them null) would have changed the outcome or the placings of the teams; it is unsatisfactory from every angle.

The games from the Legal-Commercial match were submitted for grading and are given in full on the 2011-12 results page; it is only the result that is excluded from the final table.

The outcome of the competition,  therefore, is that Legal and Banks each have 1½ Match Points, having drawn their individual encounter, and the tie-break decider, Game Points, sees Legal with the slenderest lead of 14 to Banks’ 13½. Legal are therefore the 2011-12 Bronowski Champions.

Having entered the competition in 1996-97,  Legal’s first success has been a long time coming! While Legal have undoubtedly had the potential for such a result, they have rarely been able to field representative teams. Congratulations then, to Steven Coles and his squad on getting their act together and putting a new name on the trophy!

We still have administrative problems, however, which need to be addressed, but at least the 2012-13 Competition is under way and all fixtures are agreed – one even having been played Legal 9-3 Insurance – and the website will be updated shortly with the new Season details.


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