Grading developments 2011-12

The ECF is introducing 6-monthly Grading Lists for standard play grades, bringing standard play into line with Rapidplay, which already has two lists a year.

The results cut-off date for the additional list will be 31st December each year. This means that the first such list will cover a seven month period since the previous 31 May 2011 cut-off for the current list. One advantage of doing it this way is that graders will not have to complete their work during December, the busiest month of the year, as they would if the cut-off were 30 November. Graders will have all, or nearly all, of January to submit results.

Thereafter, the period between cut-off dates will be six months, so that the next cut-off  will be 30 June 2012, i.e. advanced one month from the present timetable. All future mid-year cut-off dates will be 30 June.

There will also be a change in the method for bringing results forward from a previous grading period when there are insufficient games to make up the minimum 30 games in the latest 12-month required for a full A grade. Previously, the required quantity of games to make up the numbers (for grade codes B-E), was n games at the player’s previous grade. From now, they will take the n most recent games tending to make the calculation more accurate. This is possible because results are now are submitted with the date the games were played.

In addition to the current set of grading codes, A-E, which describe a range of qualifiers according to the make-up of the results, X grades will appear in the standard play list (they already exist in the RP list). X grades will be those comprised entirely of games played in the latest six month period (as opposed to 12 month period for the other codes).

All of this means that the next submission of Bronowski results for grading will be made by the end of January. Having said that, as nowadays, our main fixtures seem to occur after 31 December, our first ‘half-year’ submission will probably 0nly feature the Legal-Commercial match played 6th June 2011.

Further reading:

SCCU Grading article (scroll down the page, when you get there, to the article dated 21.5.2011)
This is written by the ECF Grading Database Manager, Richard Haddrell who happens to be the SCCU webmaster, hence it being published on his site.

Help page on ECF Grading Database
This describes in detail the operation of the Grading System and the definition of the grading codes.

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